All About Savage

Savage Prey is an advisory label for various breeds of aspiring creators. We cover as many bases as we can with mixed media art, self publishing authors, and various vocal/recorded endeavors.

I created this label to fill a void I'd always seen. I never fit fully into one specific niche, so I wasn't sure where to start pursuing my works without stunting the other parts of my creativity. Together, we are striving to break that mold and bring it all back to one common ground. Whether the goal is a published book, a passionate piece of art, or even promoting a podcast, we are here to bring it to life.

Within our small company we are able to publish music, promote artists and their work for sale or exposure, promote and help produce podcasts, and publish and promote works of literature, both fiction and non fiction. We can also provide support in doing all this and more in pursuit of your creative goal.

Our mission is to get work out there for the every man who otherwise would lose out in the world of the big fish and publishing labels.

Whatever your goal, we are here to make it happen. Drop us a line and let's visit about how we can work together to make magic. 



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